JavaFX: statically typed javascript

Hi everybody

I was introducing the JavaFX syntax to some friend, and i told him: “be warned, while it is called JavaFX ,it is NOT Java” , then i thought: ok , if it is not java,what is it? after a while ,a small smile came to my face ,Ohhhh…. it is not Java, it IS javascript, a statically typed version of the javascript language

you don’t believe me…, ok , consider the following java script variable definition

var name="Joe";

then add type information to express that the name variable is actually of String type

var name:String="Joe";

surprise, this is a 100% legal and valid JavaFX syntax,
let’s try another one: function definition

function sum(i,j){

again, add type information to variables and to function return type

function sum(i:Integer,j:Integer):Integer{

again this is how functions are defined in the JavaFX syntax
need another example? let’s consider the JSON notation


again add type information


and again this is the Object literal notation of JavaFX and it’s really considered their power tool for declarative programming, and the way which make GUI and animation coding a lot easier

also, JavaFX designers doesn’t even try to make the syntax compatible with their primary language:Java
consider the for iteration syntax
for(i:Integer in collection){}
note the in keyword,this is not the java syntax
for(Integer i : collection){}

finally, i would like to ask a question, is this intended? or just by chance? i mean does sun mean to bring a language familiar to designers(javascript) and add type information required by the JVM runtime,does this benefit the platform as a whole by introducing new players (javascript web developers) to the game,or it will make the java developers(the first class target) work in an unfamiliar environment

JavaFX bad impression,it’s not even in JavaFx

Hi all

This is the first day of javaFX official life,as its official launch was few hours ago , so as a java fan, i go to javaFX  homepage and grabbed all the downloads(IDE,Production suite,SDK) while downloading , i went to there demos page, then i was shocked… the page is a nice looking, album like collection of the JavaFX samples,i said WOWWWW this is impressive,BUT wait…. it is not implemented in JavaFX ,it is a javascript photo album modified to show JavaFX screenshots,
DAMN, can’t sun engineers eat their own dog food?!!!!!!!
I think if the JavaFX creators can’t use javaFX for their RIA needs, how they expect to convince the community that it is suitable for the job

I was always a java fan , and i think the technology behind JavaFX can make a great difference in the RIA market, but strange behaviour like that deviate the community and affect the credibility of the product and the team behind it


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