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JavaFX bad impression,it’s not even in JavaFx

Hi all

This is the first day of javaFX official life,as its official launch was few hours ago , so as a java fan, i go to javaFX  homepage and grabbed all the downloads(IDE,Production suite,SDK) while downloading , i went to there demos page, then i was shocked… the page is a nice looking, album like collection of the JavaFX samples,i said WOWWWW this is impressive,BUT wait…. it is not implemented in JavaFX ,it is a javascript photo album modified to show JavaFX screenshots,
DAMN, can’t sun engineers eat their own dog food?!!!!!!!
I think if the JavaFX creators can’t use javaFX for their RIA needs, how they expect to convince the community that it is suitable for the job

I was always a java fan , and i think the technology behind JavaFX can make a great difference in the RIA market, but strange behaviour like that deviate the community and affect the credibility of the product and the team behind it


8 Responses

  1. JavaFX is to create Rich Internet Applications. A website isn’t a RIA! Thus I don’t see what’s your point. They are just using right tool for the job.

  2. Hi dear
    first,thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts
    i think ,this is the show time for the JavaFX technology, and the team behind it must prove that it has a comprtitive advantage over other players in the RIA market such as flex?flash and silverlight
    i saw a huge number of photo galleries in flash , actually several people just use flash on thei websites to add such functionality to their pages, and silverlight also did this in their samples pages since version 1 , so why JavaFX team make the sence that their technology is lagging behind(while i think it is not)

  3. i think you are getting it all wrong. like ajax, javafx shouldn’t be use for everything. so a simple photo like album isn’t the showcase for javafx. I think the demos are pretty good and show javafx’s capabilities (although I had some troubles). to say has to use javafx all over the place is just wrong because a website is not a ria (I agree with ewald)

  4. I agree with you Joe, not using thier own dogfood on the Java FX site shows a complete lack of confidence in thier own product.
    I think it sends the message that JavaFX is not for use on the Web.

  5. While there were some things that underwhelmed me, I think that you have this wrong. The point on the applet part of javafx is just that, to be an applet. So, how would it make an effective demonstration on the technology if every one of the samples were hosted inside of one large grand applet?? If one of the goals was to prove that the load times, etc make applets competitive with flash again it would seem logical to demonstrate that load with each example. Otherwise, the only thing they would have been demonstrating is the graphics capabilities.

  6. Isn’t it a matter of using the right tool for the right job? If you’ve got a web page, have some images to show, and want to give a whizzy nice user experience, then a bit of javascript is very light weight way of doing that. What did you think of the Video Puzzle? Can you do *THAT* in javascript?

  7. Remember that not all platforms are yet supported, so like me, running Linux, I wouldn’t be able to access the site. So don’t start pointing fingers if you can’t see the big picture.

  8. […] JavaFX bad impression,it’s not even in JavaFx Hi all This is the first day of javaFX official life,as its official launch was few hours ago , so as a java fan, i go […] […]

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